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Dexter Russell V-Low Grip Boning Knife 6"

Dexter Russell V-Low Grip Boning Knife 6"

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Well, choosing the right boning knife is very important, depending on the kind of meat you are handling.

The boning knife helps you remove bones from the meat and skin of fish. There are different kinds of boning knives by Dexter Russell designed for various types of meat.

If you need to cut tough meat like beef and pork, use a stiffer boning knife, while for handling relatively soft poultry and fish, a flexible boner will also work very well. For working close to and around the bone, a curved knife serves the purpose very well.

Then, for boning ribs, you need a narrow boning knife, while for chicken and pork, a wide boning knife.

If you are looking for a quality boning knife that is within your budget, then simply go for Dexter boning knives. Like the rest of the Dexter knives, this boning knife also has a signature Sani-Safe propylene handle that is textured to provide a firm grip and comes with a protective finger guard. Other specifications of the Dexter Russell Boning Knife 6” are:

  • Firm Grip With Textured Handle: A propylene, easy-to-clean, slip-resistant, and textured handle ensures the user keeps working with the knife without getting tired of holding it. Also, the handle can withstand both extremes of temperature, which makes boning frozen as well as burning hot meat easy.
  • Protective Finger Guard: The handle comes with a finger guard for protection.
  • Sharp Blade for Slicing: The blade shape makes deboning and slicing meat very easy.
  • High-Carbon Stain-Free Steel: The high-carbon steel blade regains its sharpness after hand honing. Also, high-quality DEXSTEEL blades are stain-resistant.

Dexter Russell is the name of a high-quality product line— they have earned a good name since their origin in 1818.

If you want a premium-quality boning knife within your budget, go for Dexter Russell knives. Choose according to the type of meat you need to debone.

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