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The trusted United States supplier since 1986 for commercial, pelagic and bottom, longline fishing gear and equipment. A dealer for Lindgren-Pitmen, Eagle Claw Hooks, Mustad Hooks, Polyform, Atlas Gloves, Grundens, Xtratuf, Boss Gloves, Dexter-Russell, Satlink . Under our private label Max-Catch brand we source and sell; bench crimping tools and dies, harpoon darts, mono cutters, meat saws and blades, wire brushes, light sticks, pre-cut chafing gear, monofilament and mainline crimps, artificial squid lures, leaded swivels, glow floats, tarred line, monofilament and mainline, leader snaps, knives, circle hooks, hauling blocks, foul weather gear and boots.

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Deep Drop Fishing

Lindgren-Pitman, SV-1200 Electric ReelLindgren-Pitman, SV-1200 Electric Reel