Lindgren-Pitman's Electric Fishing Reel - A Comparison

When it comes to electric fishing reels, Lindgren-Pitman Inc. is a name that stands out. Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA with an unrivaled commitment to excellence and innovation. Lindgren-Pitman electric reels, often referred to as LP electric reels, have become a must-have for serious fisherman engaging in daytime swordfishing, hi-speed wahoo trolling, and bottom deep-drop fishing in 1,000 + feet of water.

LP offers three exceptional options for anglers seeking the best electric reel for their fishing needs. In this article, we will compare and contrast the features and benefits of each model: the LP S2-1200, the LP SV-1200, and the LP SV-2400. By the end, you'll have a clearer understanding of which reel is the perfect fit for your fishing adventures.


                         LP SV -1200                                  LP S2 -1200                                 LP SV -2400 

LP Electric Reels 

LP electric reels undergo a meticulous manufacturing process using CNC machined billet aluminum, ensuring precise and stylish design. 

Billet aluminum, derived from a single piece of material, is machined into the desired shape. Compared to casting, billet aluminum is renowned for its superior strength, as casting may introduce inconsistencies and air pockets during the melting and cooling processes, compromising the metal's integrity. 

Once the frame is machined, it undergoes a smoothing process to eliminate any irregularities. Subsequently, the reel is anodized by immersing it in sulfuric acid while applying a low voltage electrical current. This anodizing process forms a resilient layer of aluminum oxide on the surface, providing exceptional strength, hardness, and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for offshore saltwater marine applications.

LP Electric Reels - Standard Features

All LP electric reels share a range of standard features that enhance their performance and user experience. Each reel boasts a completely sealed drive system, ensuring long-lasting and maintenance-free operation even in demanding conditions. 

Powered by a high-powered, state-of-the-art electric motor, the S2-1200 and SV-1200 models operate on 12 volts, while the SV-2400 model harnesses the power of a 24-volt motor. 

They’re all equipped with user-friendly electronic controls that are sealed with inert gas, guaranteeing optimal functionality. 

The stop-at-the-top mode allows for precise positioning during retrieval. 

They feature a high capacity carbon composite spool with a quick release hub, facilitating convenient spool interchangeability. 

Back-lit digital line counter display provides clear visibility, while the built-in adjustable gear-driven level winder ensures even line distribution. 

Additionally, an external drag control lever on the side of the reel enables smooth and precise drag adjustments. 

Lindgren-Pitman offers a 5 year warranty on the electronic portion of the reel including; the motor, control board, and display board. The rest of the components are covered in their bumper to bumper warranty which lasts 1 year.

With these comprehensive features, LP electric reels deliver effortless operation and are purpose-built for all-day continuous fishing in deep waters, targeting large fish.

LP SV-1200 Electric Reel: Versatility and Control

For anglers in search of a reel that offers exceptional power and versatility, the LP SV-1200 variable speed electric reel stands out as a top choice. 

The key distinguishing feature of the LP SV-1200 is its fully variable speed motor, allowing anglers to adjust the retrieval speed between 50 and 400 feet per minute, catering to different fishing scenarios. The ability to modify the speed on the spot provides anglers with a significant advantage in various reeling situations, making a crucial difference in securing successful catches. 

The LP SV-1200 incorporates a circular speed dial conveniently located on the reel's face, enabling quick and seamless adjustments to the retrieval speed. 

With a pulling force of 110 pounds or more at all speeds, the LP SV-1200 delivers impressive strength for a 12-volt reel. 

Notably, this model is equipped with a digital clicker and strike alarm, further enhancing its functionality. 

Also notably this is the only model available in blue or red.

Whether you're targeting daytime swordfish or engaging in deep-dropping at great depths, the LP SV-1200 variable speed electric reel ensures unmatched control and performance for your fishing endeavors.  

LP S2-1200 Electric Reel: Reliable Power and Performance

The LP S2-1200 electric reel represents the next generation of the original LP S-1200, a renowned 12-volt electric reel that revolutionized fishing. 

Built to be rugged and high-capacity, this reel incorporates cutting-edge advancements in fishing technology. Its 12-volt D.C. input delivers exceptional efficiency and performance previously unmatched at this voltage level. 

The S2-1200 boasts various improvements over the S-1200 design, including enhanced reliability, an upgraded drag system, a more powerful motor, improved shifting between hi/low speed, and onboard diagnostics. 

The reel features improved cosmetic engraving and a slightly thicker console while retaining the classic design of the S-1200. 

Designed for continuous deep-water fishing targeting large fish, the LP S2-1200 incorporates all of the standard features like an integrated counter, automatic stop at the top, and gear-driven level winder, ensuring reliable and hands-free retrieval. As the entry-level model, the LP S2-1200 is an excellent choice for anglers seeking a reliable and versatile electric reel for their fishing adventures.

LP SV-2400 Electric Reel: Power and Performance

For those who crave unrivaled power and unmatched performance, the LP SV-2400 variable speed electric reel stands as the pinnacle of excellence. 

This heavy-duty sportfishing reel is designed to deliver commercial work-horse power and is the ultimate choice for anglers seeking uncompromising performance. 

The standout feature of the LP SV-2400 is its groundbreaking 24-volt input, which provides an astounding 75% more pulling power and operates at a remarkable 50% faster speed compared to its 12-volt counterparts. 

This reel sets a new industry standard by minimizing performance loss from voltage drop, ensuring consistent and relentless power even on large sportfishing boats. With an impressive pull strength of 150+ lbs. and a maximum speed of 750 feet per minute, the LP SV-2400 is perfectly suited for demanding tasks such as dredging and big game fishing. 

Just like the LP SV-1200, the variable speed control allows you to fine-tune the motor's speed to match your specific fishing needs. The LP SV-2400 represents the epitome of power, reliability, and versatility, making it the ultimate choice for anglers who demand nothing but the best.

Which one should I get? 

Lindgren-Pitman offers three exceptional electric fishing reel options, all come with an impressive list of standard features such as; a sealed drive system, high-powered electric motor, simple electronic controls, back-lit digital line counter display, gear-driven level winder, and smooth drag control lever. 

However, each electric reel has a key differentiating feature  that makes them suitable for different fishing preferences and requirements.

If you prioritize reliability and performance and don’t need the variable speed feature, go with the LP S2-1200 electric reel

If the variable speed feature is important and you don't need lightning fast retrieval speeds, go with the LP SV-1200 variable speed electric reel.

If the variable speed feature is important and you want unmatched power and performance, go with the LP SV-2400 variable speed electric reel.

Trust in Lindgren-Pitman's reputation for quality, innovation, and industry leadership. We hope this article has provided helpful insights, and our team is available to address any further inquiries you may have.

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