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Dexter Russell Steel Butcher Knife Sharpener 12"

Dexter Russell Steel Butcher Knife Sharpener 12"

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If you are a meat eater, you can well understand the importance of a knife sharpener. The Dexter Russell Butcher knife sharpener is used to hone the blades specifically rather than sharpening them, creating new teeth for use.

It's a must-have to keep your knives in working condition. If you have a good collection of Dexter knives, like brushing your teeth, you may feel the need to hone their blades often.

Also, if you continue this practice to hone the blades, you won’t need to sharpen your knives for long.

Besides being a good tool at home to hone your knife blade,  butcher steel has some signature features of the Dexter product series, such as:

  • Textured Propylene Handle: Dexter Russell Sani-Safe's signature propylene handles are textured to have a slip-resistance property that makes them easy to hold. Also, they can withstand both high and low temperatures and are easy to clean.
  • Restore a Sharp Edge to Your Knife: The butcher steel is designed to realign a sharp edge to your Dexter knife to keep your kitchen work going at a fast pace.
  • Protects Your Fingers: With a protective finger guard, you can hone your knives without fear of damaging your fingers.
  • Sanitary Qualification: The impervious blade to handle  NSF seal speaks about the high sanitary qualification of the butcher steel.

No matter where you are working—in your home kitchen or the commercial kitchens of restaurants or pizza shops—get your knife blades honed quickly with Dexter Butcher Steel.

Keep working at the same pace with this knife sharpener. With a propylene anti-slip handle, you can get a more secure grip, protect your finger with the finger guard, and have a ready-to-go honing solution.

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