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Dexter Russell V-Low Grip Fillet Knife 8"

Dexter Russell V-Low Grip Fillet Knife 8"

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If you want to make a perfect fillet of fish or poultry, try Dexter Russell knives. These fillet knives are thin and flexible to give you precision with good control.

The most common use of these fillet knives is seen with fish, where they are capable of lying between the skin and meat to give a clean, nice cut.

There are flexion points engineered in these fillet knives that revert to their shape with a spring action. They glide through the meat with their sharp edge so they rarely need re-sharpening.

Once you re-sharpen these fillet knives, owing to their DEXSTEEL, they sharpen to gain the original sharpness.

Fillet and boning knives look similar and have overlapping uses, except that a fillet knife is much longer and thinner to give fine and thin cuts.

Dexter Russell Sani-Safe handles are used not only in homes but also in commercial kitchens throughout the world.

These handles are also special, just like the blades of these fillet knives. Some salient features of the Dexter Russell V-Low Grip Fillet Knife 8" are:

  • Precise and Clean Cutting: Cut thin fillets with this knife owing to its hand-honed edge, wide blade, and curved point.
  • Strong and Sharp: The wide 8-inch blade is sharp enough for cutting through the skin of fish and making thin slices of fish and meat.
  • High-Carbon Steel Blade: The DEXSTEEL blade is strong, sharp, and flexible otherwise, needing honing rarely but regaining its original sharpness once honed and ground.
  • Textured Handle for Good Grip: The knife features a textured and easy-to-clean propylene handle that provides a slip-resistant grip and withstands both low and high temperatures. This, on the one hand, is safe while handling meat and also keeps the user from tiring during prolonged use.
  • NSF Certified: The impervious seal extending from blade to handle ensures the utmost sanitary qualification and earns the NSF seal.
  • Made in the USA: Dexter-Russell knives have been made in the USA as a symbol of quality for the last 200 years.

If you want to master the art of fillet making, use these premium-quality Dexter fillet knives and command the cooking. With a stain-free, sturdy steel blade, textured slip-resistant handle, and NSF seal, feel privileged to use this world-class knife.

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