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Dexter Russell Scalloped Bread Knife 9"

Dexter Russell Scalloped Bread Knife 9"

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Dexter Russell 9” scalloped bread knife is a must-have for slicing breads and sandwiches. Most regular knives make it difficult to cut through a soft loaf of bread without mashing it. That’s where the scalloped blade of Dexter Russell bread knife comes into action.

The sawing motion of this scalloped knife ensures a clean cut. The sharp points at the edge are specially designed to pierce neatly through the soft loaf, easily breaking the crust that you need while making sandwiches.

The ergonomically designed handle ensures the user’s comfort as well as keeps your knuckles from getting in the way while slicing bread.

The scalloped edge of this knife is also useful for cutting foods with waxy skin, like tomatoes and bell peppers, by providing a firm grip on their skin, where a straight-edge knife slips.  

Some salient features of the Dexter Russell Scalloped Bread Knife 9” are:

  • Durable and Slip-Resistant Handle: The offset textured handle is made of polypropylene, which makes it durable and slip-resistant. Polypropylene can withstand extreme temperatures, both low and high, and is easy to clean.
  • With a Protective Finger Guard: The knife comes with a protective finger guard that protects the user's fingers while cutting through food.
  • Easy Usage Without Fatigue: The shape of its handle is such that it fits naturally in your hand, reducing fatigue. Thus, it makes the extended use of these knives possible with ease.
  • Impervious Blade With NSF Seal: Sharp, scalloped, offset, stain-free, high-carbon 9” steel blade that can be hand-honed. Also, an impervious blade to handle seal ensures the utmost sanitary qualification by NSF.

The Dexter Russell Scalloped Bread Knife 9” is an ideal bread-slicing knife used in the home, restaurants, and bakery kitchens. Easy to hold, fine to cut, durable, stain-resistant, and meeting sanitary standards—what else can you ask for in a knife?

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