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Lindgren-Pitman, 4" High Tech Block, Composite

Lindgren-Pitman, 4" High Tech Block, Composite

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Lindgren-Pitman, Inc., world leader in the design and manufacturing of longline fishing equipment, has introduced a new and improved version of industry standard four inch monofilament Longline Block. The block's housing is glass fiber filled nylon resulting in a block weighing less than three pounds and is not only lighter in weight, but also stronger and more rugged than competitors.

The new 4 inch Longline Block is specifically designed for monofilament longline use and has a maximum load rating of 1,250 pounds, a 25% increase. The block has double sealed ball bearings for longer working life and smoother operation. A stainless steel sheave for long term reliability in the harsh environment of continuous longline fishing is standard. Like the original Lindgren-Pitman monofilament longline hauling block, this uniquely designed block can be used as either an open face or closed face block, or when supported on both ends allows a perfectly aligned monofilament line run with minimal leader spin-ups due to main line twist.

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