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Lindgren-Pitman, Hook Tub, 50" X 38" X 33"

Lindgren-Pitman, Hook Tub, 50" X 38" X 33"

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Lindgren-Pitman hook tubs provide easy access and excellent storage for leaders. These tubs can be easily moved about the boat. The construction of both the tub and its custom built cover is of rugged polypropylene which assures long life in the harsh marine environment. The polypropylene cover prevents the sun from damaging monofilament leaders. Tubs are used primarily for the storage of hook line leaders, however they are equally useful for storing buoy line leaders. All metal components including the wire tracks where the snaps are attached are made of stainless steel. Snaps are attached to the wire tracks and after laying the leader lines in the tubs, fishermen attach the hook to the snap by passing the hook point through either the snap or its swivel, guaranteeing quick and trouble free access to the leaders when needed.


Rugged Polypropylene Construction
Stainless Steel Track
Holds Approximately 430 Leaders
Polypropylene Cover
50" length x 38" width x 33" height
Weight: 50 pounds

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