LP Electric Reels Review

Electric Reel

Effective and enjoyable fishing demands more than traditional equipment. You need something extraordinary. Lindgren Pitman electric reels have emerged with immense features with the advancement in fishing technology.

Every aspect of this reel is created to elevate your fishing experience. It can be a game changer for you, with its state of art features. A few of its extraordinary features are highlighted below;

High Power Motor Operation

The Lindgren Pitman S2 1200 electric reel is powered by a 12-volt DC motor, which is commonly not available in fishing equipment. The efficiency of this LP electric reel has exceeded the efficiency of all other options available.

The enormous strength provided by it will make fishing much easier for you. Large, formidable fishes inhabiting the deep seas can be captured without any doubts owing to their robust strength and power. 

Electric Control

Traditional reels with manual operating systems cannot compete with the accuracy and precision offered by the Lindgren Pitman SV 1200 reel. You can adjust the equipment easily with this feature, to make your fishing a better experience.

It was developed while considering individual fishing styles and preferences and allows people to alter the equipment. The retrieval speed, or the tension can be changed with little effort.

Electric Counter

This feature adds to the convenience of the user. You no longer rely on guesses when real-time and accurate information on deployment and retrieval is available to you through an electric counter. The depth in the line is shown on the counter, to provide a great experience. 

Stop at Top Mode

Stopping at the top mode will stop the reel at the desired position. It will help to avoid overextension or tangled lines. It will keep you away from gear damage or malfunctioning of the equipment. You can focus on catching the fish, without stressing about the equipment.

Easy Controls

We prioritize user experience. The controls are designed with caution and precision, to make them suitable for new and experienced fishers. You can keep your eyes on catching fish rather than trying to use the equipment.

Inert Gas Conditions

What's the use of equipment if it does not work for a longer time? Lindgren Pitman SV 2400 is made to last longer. The electric components are sealed with an inert gas atmosphere, to prevent negative results due to moisture and contamination.

This investment is worth the results. This reel is capable of surviving even the most harsh marine environments. 

LP Electric Reel

Aluminum Alloy Construction

The electric reel is made from aluminum alloy. This material was chosen to make the reel more precise and durable. Aluminum alloy is lightweight, yet one of the strongest alloys available.

The anodized finish provides an extra layer of protection against corrosion. It can withstand the effects of deep-sea fishing.

Smooth Wide Span Drag Control

This feature provides the users with a comprehensive range of adjustments. It is capable of revolving to 180 degrees. You can easily transition between the drag settings.

This feature is of immense importance while catching powerful fish, or when you require rapid alterations to handle sudden changes in the fish direction. 

Drag and Vernier Control

You can change your drag setting for optimal performance. It enables quick adjustments to suit specific fishing conditions.

The vernier control provides accurate and the best tuning to keep the control in your hands. This allows anglers to adapt to changing situations in the catching of fish.

Changeable Spool Design

Lindgren pitman electric reels stand out from all other options available due to their adaptable spool design. It allows for quick and easy changes.

A standard quick change hub is included to efficiently switch out spools and accommodate different line types or tackle setups. This flexibility can enable you to adjust during the catching process and optimize the gear for conditions. 

Hands Off Hauling

The Lindgren-Pitman electric reel takes fishing to a whole new level with its hands-off hauling capability.

It makes it possible to focus on other aspects of the fishing, while the reel handles the hauling process itself. It adds to the efficiency and convenience, as it can maintain tension during catching and bear a heavy load.


Lindgren Pitman electric reels have done wonders with the array of features they offer. These features justify the price of this equipment. The extraordinary features it provides are a testament to its excellent performance and innovation.

Its unique features allow you to control the process, to make your fishing experience even better. This equipment is not limited to experienced users. The convenience it offers makes it a great choice for novice users as well.

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