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Satlink Solar Powered GPS Longline Buoy

Satlink Solar Powered GPS Longline Buoy

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The ILL+ solar powered GPS buoy is fully autonomous; it uses a small aray of solar panels to collect energy and transmit consistent and accurate GPS positions. Fishing gear and lines can always be located and tracked with no limitation on drift distance. Buoy GPS positions are received onboard the vessel's computer using Satlink's software program via email or an optional direct satellite connection antenna (IDP Communicator). The positions can also be copied to the owner’s office and/or sister ships. There is no need to purchase or replace batteries as the life of the solar powered energy system is nearly unlimited.
Robust and lightweight, the ILL+ buoy is easy to use and fully compatible with Satlink’s Ocean Services data maps.

Buoy tracks can be overlaid with Satlink’s Ocean Services data maps, such as; Sea Surface Temperature, Currents and Plankton

Satlink’s oceanography information helps to predict future buoy drift direction helping the captain make informed decisions, saving fuel and operating time.

Using Satlink’s onboard buoy software, the Captain can press a single button to remotely turn on a bright light, allowing the vessel to locate the buoy visually when approaching in the dark.


Durable and built tough to withstand the marine environment.

Solar powered, no need to purchase extra charging equipment on board.

Near real-time buoy GPS positions, low latency assures responses to commands or polls within 3 minutes.

GPS position is secure and confidential, no one can view the positions except authorized users.

The transmitting interval of the buoys can be modified by the Captain.

Can be switched on remotely.

Buoys require no maintenance, lifespan is only limited to environmental wear and tear.

Water resistant to 11 Atmospheres (110 meters).

Buoys are energy efficient and consume low amounts of power

Buoy position and heading is always available; data is stored in secure servers

Satlink buoys are environmentally friendly

The ILL+ is powered from the sun’s light using highly efficient solar panels, energy is stored internally

The buoy’s design requires no maintenance and does not deteriorate over time

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